FeWeb Congress & Awards

14 December 2017 - BeCentral (Brussels)

The workshops

Let’s get into the details by taking the time to learn. Discover the subjects in the program, but take care: the workshops are limited to 20 participants on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

Register for the workshops and get a free ticket to the FeWeb Congress!

The congress

Get inspired by the afternoon sessions starting at 5pm, discover the innovative tools & services during the networking walking dinner and enjoy the evening keynotes & award show.

Register for the workshops and get a free ticket to the FeWeb Congress!

The awards

We’re looking under the hood of the best B2C, B2B, E-commerce and Non-Profit websites that you have created this year. Put your digital expertise in the spotlights!

Submit your websites before 1 December



Welcome to the FeWeb Workshops

TECH workshop

Building an Uber-like Backend with Node.js (EN)

GDPR workshop

De GDPR voor webbedrijven (NL)

Jan-Willem Lust (deJuristen) This workshop is sold out. Send a mail to info@feweb.be to register for the reserve list.
GDPR workshop

Le RGPD pour les métiers du web (FR)

Céline Wulleman (lesJuristes)

Lunch Break

TECH workshop

Functional programming (EN)


Designing chatbots 101 (EN)

Jan Moons (UX Probe)
GDPR workshop

How to implement the GDPR? (EN)

Patrick Soenen (Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & Co)

Welcome to the FeWeb Congress & Awards

TECH session

How to make sure your data is secure

David Geens (Nucleus)

The Impact of digital on the retail industry

Lionel Soccal (Google)

Big Data and AI are disrupting every aspect of Digital Marketing

Niko Nelissen (Blendr.io)
BUSINESS session

Towards a new FeWeb Code of Conduct: interactive session

Olivier De Doncker, Peter Ryckaert & Marc Mestdagh (FeWeb)
TECH session

The Future of Web Frameworks, Everything is a Component!

Davy Engone (Hackages)

Convert the next generation of buyers: best practices in social commerce

Robin Soubry (Ingenico)

How animation can bring your message to the next level?

Brieuc de Lovinfosse (DuckMotion)
BUSINESS session

How to drive talent development of employees in small companies

Cecilia De Winter & Sander Spek (Scrum Talent Kit)

Walking Dinner & Networking


Inspirational keynotes

Making digital transformation actionable – Carine Lucas (Agoria)
Chatbots are here for talking - Dennis Peeters (The House of Marketing)
Transforming the middleman - Hans Smellinckx (t-groep)

FeWeb Excellence Awards

Discover the digital expertise of the FeWeb members by celebrating the technical most performant B2C, B2B, e-commerce & non-profit websites made in 2017.

Cocktail & Networking


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€ 250 per Workshop
€ 125 for the Congress
Non-Member fees
€ 350 per Workshop
€ 175 for the Congress

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Every FeWeb Member company gets 1 free congress ticket
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