FeWeb Congress 2016

Tech / Experience / Business

8 December 2016 - Proximus Lounge (Evere)


Tech / Experience / Business

Check out the afternoon sessions to inspire developers, marketers and managers.
More than 20 digital and entrepreneurial experts share their knowledge and experience in 3 different tracks.


Join us in the evening to get a glimpse of the State of Digital in 2020. How will our business have changed? Which breaking technologies will be mainstream?
Are you ready for it? Enjoy the ‘10 Minute Vissions’ by our keynote speakers.

The FeWeb Excellence Awards goes to…

Let’s put your digital excellence in the spotlights! We’re celebrating the technical most performant client cases. Each FeWeb member can submit max 3 websites they have created within the last year. Do it before 1 December!

The winners will be awarded at the FeWeb Congress.



Badges & Networking


Welcome to the FeWeb Congress

Patrick Marck



The Future of Mobile

Jeroen Lemaire

In The Pocket

As the postmobile dust is settling, the contours of our digital future are starting to become clear. Enter the postmobile world, where Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Mixed Reality are pointing the way towards new digital horizons. Jeroen Lemaire, CEO and Co-founder at In The Pocket, presents five very tangible evolutions you should understand to stay on top of your digital game in 2017.






Optimised payment experience for consumers & developers


Etienne Bömke

Amplifon: Breaking the 65+ barrier using a 20-something approach


(Most Performing Campaign - DMA 2016)

Steven Van Duyse

How to scale & grow

Jeroen De Wit




Enhancing Customer Experience through Artificial Intelligence

Peter Maynard


The Best of the DMA 2016
the Corendon-case


(Most Performing Agency - DMA 2016)

Dennis Kenis

Service Design Thinking as the next step towards Business Agility

Bart Vermijlen


Session soon to be confirmed


The effect of playing the long-term game in a short-term crisis


(Most Promising Agency - DMA 2016)

Andy Coomans

Session soon to be confirmed




Coffee Break

offered by Ingenico






Mobile dev and continuous Integration with Xamarin IOS/Android with BitRise

Alexandre Roba


How Bot-to-Bot could soon replace APIs

Niko Nelissen


Privacy as USP. Get ready for 2018!

Matthias Dobbelaere




Unveiling  Blockchain

Thomas Marckx


When VR meets Web

Leen Segers


The 5 caracteristics of a digital entrepreneur

Benjamin Beeckmans



Virtual Brand Activation

Wouter Van Hauwermeiren


Geneva Tourism case – automated charm offensive for foreign tourists

Michelle Dassen


How tech companies can seize the future

Wim De Waele



Walking Dinner 

offered by Combell


The FeWeb Excellence Awards

Discover the technical best performing websites created by FeWeb members. 
Submit your cases here!



Debug your Future & Get Ready for 2020!


Visions by

Alexander De Croo - Minister for the Digital Agenda

Shaping the digital framework for entrepreneurs


Leen Segers - Lucidweb

Virtual Reality is trending today, but will it be a commodity by 2020?


Thijs Feryn - Combell

Let's look forward on hosting: what will have changed in 4 years time?


Michelle Dassen - Flexmail

E-mail was declared dead 10 years ago (not!), but how will it look like in 2020? 


Laurent Bouty - The Beyonders

In a world where Experience is the new branding, CMOs are becoming technologist!



Cocktail & Networking


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